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New fic alert!

TITLE: Blood of Alien
RATING: Undecided. Eventually either PG-13 or R.
DISCLAIMER: None of the characters are mine, nor are any of the plots that the fic is based on. They belong to the WB or Jason Katims or whatever.
PAIRINGS: Honestly? I haven't decided yet. A bunch of things will probably be explored. The only thing I can practically guarantee is that sadly, it will not end up Outsider-ish.
SUMMARY: "But he was changing. He was starting to remember the person he'd once been, and that person bore no resemblance to the person he had been for the past eleven years."
What is with all the unresolved issues between the humans and the aliens and the humans and the humans and the aliens and the aliens? And also between Kivar and Max. Someone's got to fix this mess.
NOTES: In my version of Roswell, the last episode was Heart of Mine (that means no "Off the Menu", either). This fic takes place right afterwards. In other words, Tess: good, Alex: alive.

Here's the prologue...

So far, only the prologue and chapter one are up.
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