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Intro aliensister


I'm new to the comm, but not the fandom.
I'm known as aliensister everywhere else and I'm looking for Roswell loving friends on LJ
...So drop me a comment and introduce yourself?


Hugs Mel

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Hi there. :)
Hey! I've read some of your stuff, love it! May I add you as a friend?
Sure! =D
Done :D
Done too. Woo hoo!
I'm Kylie. =P
Woot! I'm Mel =P
Nice to meet you, Mel!
nice to meetcha
Hey! lol we've met before hehe I was supposed "smack you upside the head please" if you didn;t post on dupe central lmao! which I meant to do but seeing as I forgot to remind you... lol!! May I friend you?
please do and I actually didn't forget - i've been dying of the plague or something, and Max rudely neglected to come and heal me warned, my el-jay is rather whiney and ranty so feel free to friend but you have been warned lol
LMAO! How's that plague working for ya? lol don't worry I'm used to the whine... mine's a bit melodramatic, add me back? lol