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Fanfic help!

Hi Everyone!

Ok I have spent days trying to find my favorite fanfics from back in the day, like over 7 years ago. Its proving to be difficult since a lot of the sites are now down :( I have found them all except for one! I dont remember the title or the author.

Its an AU about M/L. Liz is a movie star and Max is a fashion designer that is deaf. I remember in the beginning Liz tries to hit on Max but she doesnt know hes deaf and ends up making a fool of herself. They end up getting married and Max designs her wedding dress. There was one point where Liz gets pregnant and I think almost dies and looses the baby because she didnt get to the hospital in time because Max couldnt hear her crying for help. Later near the end he does end up getting his hearing restored.

Thats all I really remember from the story and I really want to reread it. If anyone remembers this story or knows where I can find it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
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